Matching the Spiritual qualities, is how important to have a happy marriage?

Matching the Spiritual qualities

First step to have a successful and happy marriage is matching of spiritual qualities. Everyone is sensitive to something. It’s different between men and women at all because of sexuality. But something is not referring to sexuality and it comes back from personality. A highly sensitive person in cleaning and discipline can't tolerate a mess and disorganized person.

Dating tips - Hold your tongue!

Imagine your wife is a very sensitive person. What will happen if you tell to her about her extra weight, failure food she made or about your problems with her family? Of course she will become upset or angry even if she is not too sensitive person and in result in long time, your life will lose happiness! No one can change personality of his/her partner. You can't do marriage with hope to change your partner later, because it's really impossible. You accepted your wife with the same personality, so you have to deal with it and there is no need to tell these matters to your wife, because nothing will change. You should learn to use better words, change your word to change your world. For example, if your wife got extra weight you can tell her I like to register you in a dance class, because I'm worried about your health.

Women also must don't tell everything to their husband. Never tell something what can break your husband's pride.  Pride is most valuable Property of every man.

Dating tips - What should not be said to our spouse

Small things he/she does and you don't like. Ask yourself honestly; are these small things important enough to make a dispute? For example he/she usually forgets to turn off the lights. Well, you can do it yourself. Things that are not important are not worth the talking with your spouse, and the times both of you are bitter. Always prefer love. So imagine that your wife is constantly scolding and discussing for anything worthless. What will you feel?