6 Dating tips you have to do for the first date

Dating meet up

What you need to know for your first dating meetup, because it's most important of all dates. It can lead you to next dates or prevent you to meet your partner for second time. Read this article and try to do your best in first dating meetup.

1- Take Off your mask! Let people love you with your true face

Take off you mask, be yourself and don't act like an actor. Try not to show yourself more kind, polite, strong and etc. it can make trouble for you later. Your partner, at last will find your real personality and he/she will leave you because most of people can't tolerate lie and they may don't like your true personality. Just love yourself and pay respect to yourself.

2- Don't be late in first dating meetup

First date is most important one. Memories of first date will remain forever, good or bad and of course bad memories are stronger in this case. Imagine a beautiful white shirt, it looks likes great but till there is no inkblot on it. A small inkblot don't let you to enjoy from beauty of whole shirt, so try to keep it clean. It's just like memories of first date. A simple mistake can prevent you from reaching second meeting. Don't be late because your partner thinks you're selfish and you pay no respect for what you promised.

3- Have something to say

No one will use an empty paper in a frame. If you willing to remain, you must have something to say. If you're not good at speaking, try to create a list of what you can speak about and try to choose what you think she/he will like it too. Don't speak about something is boring for your partner. If your words become boring, you are a loser. If you are silent both and you can't break this silence, you are a loser. It's all up to you. You can speak about your job, what you like to do and where you like to go. Don't forget to let your partner speak too.

4- Pay attention to your partner

Disconnect with rest of the world for some hours! Pay attention to your partner and don't play with your phone and don't answer calls, just answer emergency calls. Let your partner receive your attention. If you lose your eye contact, you will lose your relationship.

5- Don't describe yourself too much

Let your partner discover you slowly. If you tell everything about yourself, you will lose your charm soon. Because there is nothing to discover and you will have nothing to say for next dates. Remember there is no need to tell everything about your past, don't let others judge you.

6- Connect with eyes

Body language is very important, because it can confirm your feeling and your partner will got you are interested to continue this date or not. Eye contact shows warmness of your relationship. If you sit with folded arms and look around, it means you are not happy and just tolerating to finish this date.

Recommend to ladies

- Don't make up too much and wear suitable dress for café and restaurant. Stylish but comfortable.

- Let your man open and close doors for you, then say thank you to him.

- There is no problem to extend your lipstick after food, but don't makeup more.

Recommend to Gentleman

- Take the lady to her home after dating meetup.

- Usually open doors for lady and let she go in first.

- Pay for Dinner and cinema ticket, if lady rejected this, don't insist too much.

- When you arrived to her home, wait for she to go in, then leave there and go.