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Love starts at first glance, at least in old pages of romantic novels. But how would that turn to reality while people keep looking at their smartphones all day long?

The more technology takes us away from meeting our friends in restaurants or parties, smartphone and social media are trying to bring us together. In such a world, online dating using applications and websites would not be a bad idea. According to studies, one out of five relationships these days has begun online, using Dational or other online dating applications and websites.

Many people who are using online dating websites in order to find their boyfriend/girlfriend believe that indeed online dating has its own benefits. Users believe that using an online dating website gives you more control over the information you want to share, the time you want to be in touch with people, who you want to contact with and also gives you the privilege to make nice and controlled comments. Online dating also helps you to expand your communication and not being limited to your own geographical location. Meaning that, by using these websites, you can search for your significant other in different cities or countries.

Studies revealed that long working hours is one of the most important reasons for single people to fail in finding their partners. Using online dating, people can adjust their dating with their busy working scheduled and be able to find their boyfriend/girlfriend faster. Although many people are still skeptical about the benefits of online dating, studies revealed that one-third of relationships started using online dating, have turned to committed relationships. In the UK 5 percent of marriages have also started online. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of!

Living in today’s world means having long working hours behind computers or smartphones. On the other hand, the limited number of friends or colleagues which we can be introduced to in social events, make meeting new people and establishing new relationships harder than before. Therefore, online dating via applications or websites can be a good idea for finding your significant other.

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