what is polygamy?

The act of marrying more than one person is polygamy, which is mostly legal in Muslims countries and illegal in some other countries. It has existed for thousands of years now in various cultures all over the world.

Having relationships with more than one partner at the same time has been condoned in the original scriptures of various faiths, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and many more.

The term polygamy is often used as a synonym for polygyny, which appears once to have been reasonably common worldwide. Nowhere, however, have any of these been the particular form of marriage.

There are two types of polygamy. When a man has multiple wives, it’s called polygyny. When a woman has multiple husbands, it’s called polyandry.

Here we are going to share some pros and cons of polygamy.


Helping hands

With more than one wife in the house, there are some people to take responsibility for different things. This way, there are fewer chores to do for every person, and This helps to lower stress in the household.

Better support system

Surely when you face a problem, the members of the family are there to help and support you. In the wives’ cases, they have someone to talk to, someone to listen and be guided in some situations. It can cause trust and closeness between the family members.

Financially stable

For managing a family which is more than three people the man should be financially stable, and he should be able to pay for lots of things, this means they will have economic stability and a good reputation in the community.

Freedom in choices

This is a human’s right to be able to decide on his/her life. One of the most significant advantages of the polygamy lifestyle is that you are free to choose what makes you happy.


Jealousy issue

The sharing husband can bring lots of problems because women mostly cannot tolerate sharing their husbands with other people. This may make tension, fighting, and resentment.


When it comes to polygamy, and there are children, they may find it difficult to understand why their family is different from other families. The other problem is that this type of living may have adverse effects on them. You need to be financially stable because with every child that add to the family the quality of living decrease.

Morally wrong

Many societies see polygamy as something that doesn’t abide by natural and religious laws. Some communities cannot accept it because they believe there is no benefit for no one in the family with this type of living. The effect is mostly on women. They have to share and deal with other wives, which is annoying.

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