Talk dirty

As you all know, not everyone desires for sex the same amount or type, and not everyone wants to have the same kinds of sex.

People have different favorites and fantasies in sex. Talking dirty is a thing about sex that most people like it. The only way that you can find out what turns your partner on is to communicate enough to know his/her favorites.
It’s hard for most people to start a dirty conversation with their partner.

They feel embarrassed or ridiculous at the thought of trying it, but it’s only because they don’t know, first some facts about the effects, second some ways to make that easier for them.

For the start point, be aware that the strategy of dirty talk is simply saying what you like so, you should think about what you want from your partner; it may seem strange, but try saying dirty things when you’re alone as practice. When you do this, it becomes easier to confess when you are together or even during sexting time.

But here the question is, why do we need to talk dirty?

Firstly, the routine makes everything boring, so you have to try new things, especially about your sex life. You should keep the spark alive, and if it’s one of your partner’s fantasies, so you have to make it come true.

Remember it shouldn’t happen just in bedroom and sex time you can use it in your text day long.
For some people talking like this face to face may seem hard, so it’s better to start it via text. It may become more manageable when you don’t see him/her, and in the long run, you will be ok with that.

It’s not a big deal if you look at it this way: this is one of the things that I like to do, and it makes me feel good, my partner’s fantasy comes true if I do it, so there is nothing wrong about it have eye contact be relaxed and speak your heart. You will see you feel much more closeness to your partner after that.

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