No sex

A sexless marriage can survive if both partners are satisfied with the situation. Sex is imperative in relationships, but for some people, it’s not a priority, and it’s just a simple part of a relationship. For some others, it’s pretty important and essential. Some couples think if I want sex every night and my spouse wants it three times a week, that is a sexless marriage, but that’s not. No desire for sex for a month or even more, means you’re in a sexless marriage.

There are many possible reasons that a marriage may become sexless such as:

You won’t Talk about sex

And you won’t listen to your partner either. If you hide your desire or even not telling that you are in the mood for having sex because your ashamed, s/he is not going to find out that you are ready. So, it’s never going to happen. Forget about shyness and ask for what you want. More sex talk leads to more sex in marriage.

Mismatched libidos

Not everyone desires the same amount of sex. Mismatched libido is one of the most important things that makes a sexless marriage. You might want to have sex every night, but your partner doesn’t feel the same. So, s/he should wait, and this is the point that everything starts.


When you are stressed out, you don’t feel good about doing such a thing. The stress hormone cortisol can also play a role in lowering your libido. As stress affects all your body parts, so you might become tired, anxious, bored, angry, so there is no energy and desire for having sex.

Relationship issues

There are couples who can go to bed and have sex even after the fight. But people mostly are not like that. Because they have things in mind, problems in the relationships bring anger and resentment, and sometimes you don’t have a good feeling to your partner, so there is no desire for intimacy.


After delivering the baby, the doctor suggests that its better not to have sex for six to eight weeks. And women also are involved with the depression after pregnancy and delivery, then the stress of the newborn baby added to all these, and the result is no desire for sex.

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