Tastes, favorites, and fantasizes are different while people’s having sex. But most people love to listen to music; it makes them relax, calm, and it turns them on more and more. Music can be a good part of different types of make love, cuddling, stress reliving sex, intimacy with your significant other, and million other types.

  • Rihanna-sex with me
  • Rihanna- Kiss it better
  • Rihanna- Skin
  • Jeremih- Birthday sex
  • Jeremih- All the time
  • SoMo- Ride
  • The weekend- Earned it
  • The weekend- Often
  • Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj- Feelin Myself
  • Beyoncé- Partition
  • Beyoncé- Naughty girl
  • Britney Spears- I’m slave 4 U
  • Britney Spears- Breath on me
  • Laura Welsh- Undiscovered
  • Lana del Rey- Cola
  • Nelly- Hot in here
  • Lady Gaga- Sex dreams
  • Black-eyed peas- My humps
  • Inxs- Need you tonight
  • Katy Perry- Bon Appetit
  • John Mayer- Your body is a wonderland
  • Peggy lee- Fever
  • Cardi B and Bruno mars- please me
  • Ciara- Body party
  • Justin Timberlake- Futuresex/love sounds
  • Cigarette after sex- Nothing gonna hurt you, baby,
  • George Michael- I want your sex
  • Chris Isaak- Wicked game
  • Nine-inch nails- Closer
  • Prince- Purple rain
  • Sam Smith- Stay with me
  • JoJo- Mad love
  • Selena Gomez- Come and get it
  • Demi Lovato- Sexy dirty love
  • Dua Lipa- Hotter than hell
  • Miley Cyrus- Adore you
  • James Brown- Sex machine

Have fun

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