Sex in LDR

Sex is one of the best parts of every relationship. Maybe you don’t know the importance of sex in a relationship as long as you are getting it, and it becomes something routine and regular. But if you once experience a long-distance relationship, you are going to understand how important and essential it is.

The question is, “how can you handle your sex life in a long-distance relationship”? As you all know, it’s a concern for you that your partner might cheat on you because of all the pressures such as loneliness, stress, tiredness, and so many other reasons. (not in all cases it’s an alert) if you learn how to handle all parts of the relationship, you will see an excellent result.

So here you are, some of the sex advice for long-distance relationships. The first and foremost thing is to be creative to keep the sparks alive, and then the distance is not a big deal anymore.

Create new email

Never use your work’s email for doing stuff like this for plenty of reasons, as it is your personal life. Someone might see something there, and this is awkward, or you may send something accidentally to someone else, so have your naughty email and encourage your partner to do the same.

Send photos

Sending and receiving pictures are the best ways. Seeing your partner naked can feel like that s/he is lying next to you, so do this and send a dirty photo of yourself. Please don’t be ashamed and let her/him knows that what’s your feeling at the moment of now.


Be creative and naughty in sexts, which is so exciting for everyone. You can do it whenever you think you are in the mood. Past sexual experiences with each other and fantasize about future sexual encounters together. Sometimes use a phone call sex. It’s fun.


Tell your partner what you are wearing, touching, feeling, and desiring. Tell him/her what you would do if you were together. Talk about your plans for sex and all the make loves and cuddling and totally whatever you are going to do when you see each other.

Sex toys

This is one of those useful options that you can get help during your LDR. Set a time according to you and your partner’s desire and have a connection via webcam or skype. It feels you are near each other, then its time to use your sex toys and enjoy it.

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