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The first date is not a job interview. You make the first effect on your date’s mind. So, try to be impressive and be aware that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, act in a way that your date be eager for your second date.

The first date must be fun. Try to make an atmosphere that you both feel relax and comfortable like you’ve known each other for million years don’t be cheeky simultaneously. If you are curious about your date and you want to find out everything on your first date you may make it boring.

Don’t be hasty, instead search for interest and work on them if you make a good impression then you have lots of time to ask about other things.

There are lots of personal questions that you shouldn’t ask on the first date such as:

Why are you still single? Maybe in real you mean how could it be possible that someone awesome like you not taken yet? But it may imply there is something wrong with your date. Maybe she/he is giving time to her/himself to find the best. So, there is nothing wrong with being single.

How many people have you slept? Maybe you are curious about the past and exes. It’s normal but not on the first date when you just met. Don’t ask for every single detail about the sexual part of their life is being cheeky. Whether they have many or any, it’s none of our business. This question is likely to make people uncomfortable and may cause them to put their guard up. So, avoid it.

There is something related to the point just mentioned above, it’s not a question. It’s kind of request that you shouldn’t ask for on the first date (depends on the person) If you look for a long-term relationship and that’s sex. Showing restraint in this area can make you more appealing.

What went wrong between you and your ex? It could be freezing question and remind him/her everything about the ex. So again, at this stage, it’s none of our business unless he/she wants to talk about.

Questions about religion and nationality are not suitable. These two topics are important if you look for a long-term relationship but on your first date avoid asking about them (especially details) If he/she wants to talk about the origin, it’s ok, but you don’t ask it’s kind of awkward. Religion is the same.

Where is this relationship going? As I said don’t be hasty you just met so there is no need to look that far and think whether you have any future together or not.

The best thing to do is to forget about the past and future and focus on the moment of now.

Do you have any advice or experience about should and shouldn’t on first dates? Share with us.  

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