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According to a dictionary, a definition of humor is an action or quality of being amusing or comic. Due to the development of psychology and other social science researches, millions of reaches have been conducted in recent years regarding humor. Recently they have tried to draw the attention toward negative humor and its role in romantic relationships, especially the young generation. Indeed, this type of humor as fatal errors puts emphasis on the negative side of an especially ironic side of joke, humor, expression and etc.

The function of negative humor as it can be understood by its form is to separate the couples and put distance between them or weaken the conversations and totally destroy the romantic relationship. According to the conducted researches, most of the couples try to negative humor as it includes unsuitable or humble actions. The positive humor can bring couples closer but negative humor can create distance between you and your partner, therefore both of you will feel annoyed and insecure. Following are some situations of negative humor which you should definitely avoid in romantic relationships:

  • When you’re annoyed with your partner you may use sarcasm to protect yourself or hurt your partner while trying to look calm. Keep in mind that sarcasm is a negative humor type, therefore, it is not good to use, especially when you are in love with that person. Sarcasm will leave your partner angry because he/she can’t argue back with you.
  • Speaking badly about the family of your partner can be considered as insulting humor. Never use indirect humor to insult your partner. You may think that you are you’re only joking, but you leave a deep wound.
  • Being honest is the best strategies so if you don’t like behavior or even the way of dressing about your partner, tell him/her about it frankly. Don’t use humor to reveal a defect. Since in the case of trying to reveal your partner’s defects by using humor, it seems like criticism and you may get him/her annoyed.
  • If you all the time consider yourself superior to your partner and compliment yourself all the time, you have a confidant in a bold or cheeky way that’s why you belittle your partner with humor. If you use such humor in excess, you’d only make your partner annoyed as you convey the message that you are good and he/she is good because of you.

Therefore you should avoid such behaviors that are considered as fatal errors in romantic relationships.

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