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In a long term relationship ignoring sex happens a lot and lots of time, it’s because of the repetition of a routine, and you need something different and exciting like experiencing sex in different places.

Here are some other reasons why your husband ignores sex:


Nowadays you can’t be free for a couple of days without thinking about routine problems. Maybe your partner is tired of this problem and has lots of distractions in his mind that he can’t focus on you and the relationship he has with you.

Lack of Exercise

When you exercise your body is releasing what’s known as endorphins, or feel-good chemicals in your brain that put you in a better mood and your body neede happiness, sex, realizing more endorphin. This alone can make you more interested in hitting the sheets with your partner.

Tension in Relationship

It doesn’t matter where it starts from every little nagging can be a big problem between you and your partner or make him tired. So you have to address the resentments, resolve the conflicts, apologize sincerely and learn to communicate more effectively.

Body Confidence

Lack of body confident is one of the other reasons why your husband doesn’t want to have sex with you. No matter what your age, pants size or weight is when you don’t like it you don’t like to show it to anyone even if that person sees it before or not.

You’re not Tapping into His Desires

Have you ever try to talk about his passion and what he or you want in the bedroom? Sex is something that you have to talk about it, he may want you to change the way you start, or you dressed.

Do not Push Him

Don’t force him to be with you, if you insist on doing that, most likely he will grab all sorts of reasons that don’t make sense, and cut the conversation short.


When there is a change in a man’s desire without apparent good reason, he might be having an affair. Certainly, affairs can start because of sexual frustration, but they are often a complicated solution to seemingly unsolvable problems within the primary relationship. Within a relationship committed to fidelity, sexual acting out can take a variety of forms, including a love affair, a one-night stand, online chatting, sexting, escorts, etc.

Ask for Help

If you and your partner have tried unsuccessfully to have a better sex life, you may need professional help.

You should know well that a married man tends to have a lower sex drive after he has been married for a long time. After all, a wide range of familial responsibilities (e.g. household chores, work pressure, financial security, and parental burdens) are a big and complicated factor influencing his sexual desire.

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