Makeup sex

Welcome to makeup sex. When intimate partners stop fighting and start having sex, the action is makeup sex. It may happen, for lots of us in the middle of fighting look at our partner and think s/he seems so sexy; then you like to start having sex.

You feel relieved when you move into sex, and then frustrated or disappointed when your partner still wants to talk about the issue afterward.

It’s a fact that makeup sex won’t make you forget what you were fighting about. So be ready to talk about it after that. Makeup sex can solve any problem; it may just super-hot and give a break to you two.

Fighting with someone you love is challenging and annoying, and sex can be a great way to restore feelings of closeness after an argument. But this having sex shouldn’t become a way of running away from your problems with each other, and it shouldn’t be something you always want to do.

Adrenalin=hot sex

If you like it a lot, you can act like arguing or fight about smelly trash or other simple things and use them as foreplay for having sex, but in reality, don’t do that. And don’t let it becomes a habit to the level that the only good sex you have, becomes your make up sex.

Have you ever had those kinds of arguments that you both are talking nonsense, and you don’t know what to say or what to do anymore? Aggressively kiss your partner can be a good idea, and it leads to the bedroom and good makeup sex.

In makeup, sex partners go from hating each other to being completely absorbed and wrapped around one another. And let’s be real here, the sex is just always so much better when it’s got that extra friction from an argument.

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