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Conversation and messaging, especially for the first time, with someone who you are dating, is always a big challenge. The latter is not very different in the world of online dating. There are several factors that you should keep in mind before starting your first conversation with someone who you are dating. In the world of online dating, where first conversations are usually in the form of online messaging, however, the situation is a bit different. Usually understanding the feeling and gestures via words and texts of messages is impossible and you have to be cautious about what you are talking about, yet you need to take the most advantages possible from these conversations to know your partner better.

Having a pleasant profile with nice photos is the initial step for catching different people’s attention. The step afterward can be a challenging one: conversation and messaging. But how should we start it?

Online dating tips: conversation and messaging

There are several ways to start a conversation and manage to message while you are dating someone for the first time online. You can start with profile and pictures. They can reveal a lot of information about personality, habits, and interests of the person who you are dating. Spending some time and talking about them can provide a pleasant experience for both of you. As the first messages, however, you need to grab his/her attention and pique his/her curiosity. Fun, playful and provoking messages can convince anyone to start the conversation and never leave. You can use the aforementioned online dating tips for conversation and messaging and start a fun, never-ending conversation about interests and habits which actually turns to be a good topic for the very first messages.

Following the tips above, you also need to remember a few tips for a fruitful conversation and messaging, which are summarized below:


  • Make the situation easy and relax so that your partner can also ask you questions
  • Try to focus on topics you have gathered from your partner’s profile as for first conversations


  • Compliment on his/her looks. This is a repetitive way of starting the conversation which turns out not to be attractive
  • Write multiple long paragraphs.
  • Plan for your first meetings in person during your first conversations. People need time to trust each other.

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