Now you found who you want to spend the rest of your life with; you should put the nervousness aside and start to think about how to ask her for marriage. First, think about your heart. Every word it says is important and can be useful.

Here are Some Guiding Advice to Help You Do It

Be sure she is the right person

Spend more time with her, try to know more about her then start to talk about her ideal. Then write about your ideal partner, her behavior, and compare it with your partner that you want to marry. When you see your girlfriend, you should feel that you want to share the rest of your life with her and that the time is right for you to tell her that.

Be confident

You should be confident and sure about your partner that she loves you or not? If she wants to get married, she wants to move into a house with you, to have kids, to make you a part of her family, and so on. If she’s never mentioned these things, then you can try out some feeler conversations to get a sense of her feelings; if she acts uncomfortable or deflects your questions, then she may not be ready to get married.

You may be nervous about figuring out her feelings if you’re not sure, this can save you from embarrassing yourself during a proposal.

Ask her parents for permission

Is this something that would be important to her and her family? So you have to ask permission from her mom and dad talking to mom can be more comfortable, but you have to start talking to her dad respectfully. Another modern twist on asking for permission is to do so after you’ve proposed. This can be a way of ensuring that your partner is the first to be asked, but she’s aware that you still intend to bring her family right into the fold by asking.

Think about the time you want to propose

It’s not possible to say that you have to propose at best and right time, but it’s essential to propose at a time you are ready and feel calm about telling your word. You can find an exact time or day that is for both of you. And then whenever you do it, make sure you have some alone time right after the proposal.

Chose a ring

For most women choosing their ring is the best option; if you know what she likes to get it but if you don’t know, buy a temporary ring and then get another after you propose. You don’t have to blow a fortune on an engagement ring, especially if you really can’t afford it. It’s better to get something small and classy and save for your future together instead of spending all your savings on a piece of jewelry.

Be well dressed

Dress handsome according to the place you choose for talking. Naturally, this only applies where you’re planning to propose somewhere elegant, and you have time to change beforehand. If you’re proposing on the beach, during a hike, skiing, or as you’re skydiving, use your common sense about what to wear!


There isn’t any time better than this; go for your plan and ask her. Bend down on your knees; Women love their men to be chivalrous. There may be tears, screaming, or shock. Don’t be confused; these are relatively standard reactions, even if she has every clue of what you’re about to do. It’s not real to her until it’s done!

If she says yes, end the proposal with a kiss or a hug. And don’t forget to put a ring on her finger!

Congratulation and hope you the best.

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