Loving more than one person is polyamory.

Every relationship is different, and everyone expresses their love in different and specific ways. As monogamy is not for everyone, there are different types of relationships.

Now the question is “What is a polyamorous relationship?”

The term polyamory is the type of relationship that someone loves more than one person in a relationship. Sometimes people mistake polyamory for an open relationship which is not precisely the same all the time. However, they are somehow similar because they are both forms of non-monogamous relationships. But a polyamorous relationship is a type of non-monogamous relationship that differs from a normative relationship in that multiple people are involved.

However, even polyamory relationship types are different between the couple, and these types are not the same.

In some cases, a polyamory relationship could be a relationship with one main partner and being in a relationship with multiple people or another type could be the possibility of being in a separate relationship.

But how does this kind of relationship work?

Polyamory might mean someone doesn’t want to have a romantic relationship at all; they want to date.”

People in polyamory relationships start seeing other people with a view of pursuing a romantic relationship with them, and it’s a wrong belief that people think the whole relationship is about sex. Sex can be part of the deal, but it is not usually the focus.

Being happy in a polyamory relationship requires excellent time management skills and great communication.

Jealousy might happen, and it’s standard in these types of relationships. When you enter to polyamory relationship before everything you have to talk about every important detail in your relationship, you need to set the boundaries and limitations, your needs and expectations. Trust and honesty are essential between couples either.

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