Is Makeup Sex a Good Idea?

Welcome to makeup sex. When intimate partners stop fighting and start having sex, the action is makeup sex. It may happen, for lots of us in the middle of fighting look at our partner and think s/he seems so sexy; then you like to start having sex.

My Husband Ignores Me in the Bed

A married man tends to have a lower sex drive after he has been married for a long time. After all, a wide range of familial responsibilities (e.g. household chores, work pressure, financial security, and parental burdens) are a big and complicated factor influencing his sexual desire.

Sex with Your Best Friend is a Good Idea or Worst Nightmare?

There are some benefits and risk in having sex with your best friend. You may experience best sex you ever have or vice versa. Beside benefits and risk you may want to have sex. Once you’ve decided to go ahead and do it, you accept the risk so start as you like you can start with flirty notes or talk to your best friend face to face and easy. It depends on you and your friend.


A miscarriage can be physically painful, and it may also cause a variety of emotions. While your body may recover in a few weeks, be sure to take time to process your feelings, grieve, and reach out for help when you need it.

Sex Problem Woman Face

Sex supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but there are problems that make it annoying. Lots of woman’s difficulties can repair by their partner. you need to know everything about it, don’t go for it without any knowledge.