My Husband Ignores Me in the Bed

A married man tends to have a lower sex drive after he has been married for a long time. After all, a wide range of familial responsibilities (e.g. household chores, work pressure, financial security, and parental burdens) are a big and complicated factor influencing his sexual desire.

Coping With the Death Spouse

Be an optimist and have hope to make the future better; everything will be passed even you be happy or sad. It is possible to create a new and fulfilling life for yourself while still cherishing the memories of your relationship. Remember that there are other people in this world like your family and friends who like to see your smile.

Can Men and Woman be Just Friends?

It totally depends on the relationship. A guy and a girl can be friends as part of a group with no problem. If your BF is good friends with a girl(s) (or vice versa) from work, school, or other group and they have other mutual friends that they see and hang out with, there really isn’t much of an issue.